Our Expert

Hernando Bernal-Huerta,Ing. MSc.

CTO, Co-founder, EQuartz Technologies Inc.

Hernando Bernal-Huerta is an electronic and civil engineer with a Master Degree in ‘Automation and Inside Networks’ from Rennes 1 University in France.  During the last 10 years he has been specialized in the field of embedded systems applicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), mainly in the civil engineering field.

Mr. Bernal-Huerta has been a Blockchain enthusiast since 2013 and has adapted this technology as the cornerstone for his work in embedded systems in order to value security and transparency in data, as well as to build trust among participants in multi-actor and multi-platform business networks in which he has contributed.

Being a pragmatic engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Equartz to offer consultancy services.  His wide knowledge and experiece in private (Hyperledger) and public (Ethereum) blockchains give him a strategic and durable vision, as well as the necessary technological know-how to identify and implement a worthy solution for meeting your needs and interests.



  • Advanced research and technological supervision in Blockchain application cases
  • Hyperledger Fabric Certification
  • Development of decentralized applications in Ethereum (DApp’s)

2.Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Development of connected sensors (things).
  • Development of smart-meters (smart-meters).
  • Instrumentation systems with wireless sensor networks.
  • Information and communication systems for buildings (ICT).

3.Artificial intelligence AI-Machine Learning)

  • Predictive analyses of instrumentation systems data. (Big Data mining predictive analysis).
  • Prediction of water and gas leaks in residential buildings.
  • Intelligent determining of energy and comfort indicators for building management.
  • Development of decision tools in building management.


  • GeoMetric, Colombia, 2017. Development of an instrumentation system with a wireless sensor network to measure soil stability.
  • Los Naranjos, Colombia, 2015. Distant Data Mining regarding water and energy consumption for a condominium of 100 apartments and offices.
  • E3SOHO, France, Poland and Spain 2011. European project about buiding calibration through electronic measuring, instrumentation and visualization systems in real time.  (Best technical and cost-effective ICT’s solutions identified).
  • BeemUp, France and Sweden, 2011. European project about renovation of a buiding in order to reach low consumption of energy through electronic measuring and instrumentation systems. (Building Energy Efficiency for Massive Market Uptake).
  • MPPM, France 2011. Instrumentation and predictive analysis for passive homes or near-zero energy consumption.
  • BeeDomus, France, 2010. Innovation project regarding the creation of solar-powered homes.
  • ALIENOR, France, 2010. Analysis of requirements regarding the performance of constructions exposed to the western France Atlantic weather.
  • Solar Decathlon, France and Spain, 2010. Instrumentation for the European contest of solar-powered houses for Napevomo French team.